How to Make Potential Buyers Feel Welcome in Your Home

How to Make Potential Buyers Feel Welcome in Your Home

Your house is your home, but selling it will send you into the next exciting phase of your life. A home can hold many memories, like the pink walls of a daughter’s bedroom or a sunny yellow kitchen. While technicolor walls may fit your taste, they may be an impediment to selling a home. We’re sure you have great taste, but potential buyer’s taste may be very different. While neutral toned walls may lack the “personality” of bright colors, it’s easier for buyers to imagine adding their own touches to your home when they’re given a neutral space to imagine in.

Neutral Paint Colors

Light, neutral-colored walls can make rooms appear larger, brighter, and more welcoming. When choosing a paint color, look for tones of beige, ivory, and light gray. Stark white is often a bit off-putting and can leave your home feeling cold and clinical. However, pure-white trim is a great touch, and helps make homes look clean, fresh, and tidy. It’s easier for a buyer to imagine adding some color choices of their own than it is for them to look past a bright wall that doesn’t match their taste.

New Fixtures

The cabinet pulls, doorknobs, faucets, and other fixtures around your house can make a major impression. While some areas are seeing a resurgence in bold brass fixtures, other neighborhoods might consider them dated. More modern homes might benefit from chrome or satin nickel fixtures, while oil rubbed bronze and black make great choices for traditional homes. Buyers are often attuned to small details like these when assessing the quality with which your home was treated. Your efforts here make buyers more confident about unseen details.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Your agent is good for more than selling your house. Leverage those years of experience to your advantage! Unlike home magazines or TV shows, agents have experience with homes that sell quickly in your neighborhood and your price range. They’re familiar with the market at the moment and will be able to offer valuable insight on minor projects that can add value. On top of that, they’ll be able to highlight your newest improvements when showing the house!


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