Selling Your Home This Fall Or Winter? Take These Steps Now.

Selling Your Home This Fall Or Winter? Take These Steps Now.

Fall and winter may not be the busiest times of year for buying and selling homes, but they do have their advantages! Oftentimes, buyers and sellers alike are more sincere and motivated in their efforts, due to the slower market pace. With this in mind, it is to your advantage to pay attention to the details now, so your property stands out on the market later in the year. You’re familiar with “spring cleaning,” so think of this as “fall freshening.”


One important aspect of selling your home, especially in an increasingly-digital market, is having strong photography. Often, it’s best to take your photos during the warmer months. The exterior of your home will look its best, with a green yard, flower beds, and a clear view of property lines without the obstruction of snow or fallen leaves. Even indoor shots are often better earlier in the year, as summer sunlight is some of the best natural lighting for your interior photos. When you provide excellent photography, you entice buyers and make it easy to imagine your home at its best - even in inclement weather.


The shorter days and longer nights of fall and winter can be an opportunity to show off the lighting in your home. Landscape lighting can improve curb appeal, even in fall and winter. Lighted walkways and motion activated lighting are great assets during these times of the year. They’re also considered investments in safety and can be a way to signal a well-maintained home.

Seasonal Maintenance

If you’re hoping to sell your home, take extra care with your normal winterizing routine. If it’s been a few years, have your boiler or furnace inspected to prove it is in good working condition, and address any issues that come up. No one wants to move into a poorly-heated home in the dead of winter. Clean or swap your HVAC filter if necessary to clear out spring and summer allergens and keep air fresh during stuffy winter months. Inspect the insulation and sealing on your windows and doors, and repair any drafts you find. While all these details are small, they’ll be easy to notice in the coming, colder months.

Curb Appeal

Finally, just like any other time of year, work to maintain your curb appeal. In fall, be prepared to prune vegetation as needed, rake your lawn as much as possible, and clear flower beds of dry leaves. In winter, ensure snow removal is done neatly and promptly on all sidewalks and driveways. Make arrangements in advance to do these simple chores yourself, or hire a service to do them for you. This is especially important if you plan to move out of your current home before it has sold. You never know when a potential buyer may drive by!

If you’re preparing to sell your home this fall or winter, following these tips now will prepare your home to sell for top dollar later in the year! Selling in central Illinois? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about selling your home in the fall or winter. Call us at (309) 647-8811 or visit our contact page for more information!