What Buyers Look for in Illinois Land

What Buyers Look for in Illinois Land

Selling land can definitely be a challenge but having the help of a local broker or auctioneer can help you overcome any obstacles. One of the biggest benefits that a local broker or auctioneer can bring is knowledge of the various utilizations of your property that potential buyers are looking for.


Some individuals may be looking to capitalize on the land for hunting. Simply put, they are looking for the land to produce food, water and cover for game. Assess your land based on these factors. Wooded areas and natural water sources can be huge selling points. These buyers may be less interested in utilities than others and more interested in if the land location is in a migration path for birds, etc. Accessibility and traffic may also be underlying factors in whether or not to purchase the land. The land should be accessible enough to hunt in, but not so close to major roads and developments that wildlife avoids it.


Others may be looking to utilize the land for investment purposes. In this case, the most important factor is location, location, location. A local broker will be able to help you assess the surrounding land and decide whether to focus on farming investors or other developers. Perhaps neighbors who are looking to expand their farming operations will be the most interested. When targeting these buyers it is imperative to know farming stats like yield and tillable acres.


Finally, families may be interested in your land. This is largely dependent on the individual family itself. Local agencies will know the family buyers that are specific to the area and will also be able to help identify the key selling points for you. If your land has been in the family for a while, your experiences with it can be incredibly valuable!

While selling land can be tough, don’t forget that your land has unique selling points. Rhoades can help to present those highlights to the best buyers through traditional sales or auction. Don’t struggle to accomplish what we have years of practice with.