Spring Cleaning Tips for Selling Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips for Selling Your Home

Spring is in the air and it is the perfect time for you to get your home ready to sell! Regardless of whether it is a buyer’s or a seller’s market, a few spring cleaning items can make your house stand out in a market ripe with an increased number of buyers searching for their new home during the months of April, May and June. Each of these suggestions will require a little time but can give you a big return with little additional monetary investment. Now let’s get spring cleaning!


Lawn Care

First impressions are important, so catch buyers’ eyes by giving your home’s yard a little sprucing up.

Mow your yard diagonally. Diagonal mowing is popular in places like golf courses and baseball fields because the criss-crossed pattens are pleasing to the eye. This simple change will not only give your yard a well-manicured look, but actually make it appear larger.

Edge out sidewalks and driveways. Potential buyers are looking for signs that a home is well-maintained. By sweating the small stuff, you demonstrate attention to detail, which makes your house seem like a better investment. A carefully-edged walkway makes for a neat and tidy invitation into your home.



No one wants to move in to a jungle - ensure all plant life looks tidy and healthy to attract buyers.

Clear out and trim back vegetation. An overgrown hedge or pile of months-old leaves is never inviting. Rake old leaves out of your landscaping, and ensure you remove or replace dead plant life. If your property has trees or bushes, trim any wayward branches back into order.

Consider yellow tulips or daffodils. Yellow flowers tend to induce feelings of happiness and contentment - and are known to stimulate buying urges! Even without color psychology, arranging groups of three or five flowers near the entrance of your home invites buyers in and adds a splash of color.


Home Exterior

As buyers enter your home, these tips will help them feel welcome.

Clear up porch clutter. Your house is you home, but when selling, the trick is to allow buyers to imagine living there. Personal clutter, like kids’ toys on the walkway, or your pet’s crate on the porch, ruin the illusion. Store all personal effects that don’t demonstrate home value before a showing.

Clean your windows. Highlight your home’s windows by giving them a good cleaning, inside and out. Freshly-cleaned windows demonstrate attention to detail, and encourage buyers to admire your home. Beyond beautifying your exterior, clean windows will allow for more natural light when buyers come through the door.


With these few tasks, you can entice buyers before they even enter your home. Remember, spring is all about new beginnings. Perhaps these tips will draw the perfect buyer in to start their new beginning by purchasing your property.